Why you need to dump a girl that does not get on with your friends!



I don’t think its a good sign if your girlfriend does not get on with your friends and these are the reasons for my logic.

  • You will find that you don’t get on with most people in different situations and environments in life this is for sure. It’s never easy to get on with everyone that is a certainty and part of time. However a big however most girls in the first year will be trying their best to impress you that is also for sure so if they cannot make an effort to get on with your friends it’s a bad sign. Basically whatever you see from her at first will be her on her best behavior.
  •  If you suddenly find that everything is about her and she even wants you to change your opinions of others around you that you never thought about you are being seriously manipulated.  If you find yourself feeling sorry for her when your own friends are feeling awkward and bad then there is some serial female manipulation happening
  • When she has made an embarrassment of herself in front of your good friends and she manages to turn it into her being insecure and the victim this is also a very thin line you should be watching. Is she insecure and not feel loved or just very selfish and and a serial attention seeker?
  • How can you tell the difference between her being insecure and perhaps having other intentions? OK, I think personally someone who is insecure she would not opening talk about her insecurities she would come across as a shy and nervous person more than a overly confident person she would doubt more than one area of her life not just her love life.
  • What can you do? Well it won’t go away this trait either the person is quite overpowering and they want your full attention and things to go there way or they won’t. Its really down to you to think about how this will impact your life in the long run
  • Easy going girls are the best – It’s better to have someone easy going in the long term they will be more flexible and happier to adjust rather than being unhappy about not getting their own way all the time!



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